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Winter Rejuvanation

As a society we have disconnected from the fluctuations of nature and that can be such a cause of dis-ease. By living in alignment with the Dao (the universe) we live a life of ease, flow and optimal health.

The Winter season is associated with the kidney organ, the house of our fundamental energy and Jing ~ the source for yin and yang

Here are a few easy things you can do to protect and nurture your kidneys this Winter:

~ Socks socks socks and ugg boots! Keep your feet warm all. the. time. The kidney meridian starts on the soles of the feet, we want to avoid any cold invasion here. Also hot footbaths

~ Meditation, yoga, movement … A regular commitment to a practice stabilises the spirit of the kidneys

~ Time to slow down and rest with nature. To nourish the kidneys and the Jing we need to reduce stress, anxiety, overexertion and over commitment. Balance work and rest.

~ Eat warm cooked foods high in nutrients to build kidney strength. Think bone broth, soups, mushrooms, kidney beans, eggplants, miso soup, and anything slow cooked. My slow cooker is on most days of the week.

~ Stomp your feet for a few minutes every day. This moves the qi along the kidney and bladder meridians, plus it’s very grounding for your energy

~ The kidneys correspond to the water element. Spend time around water and stay hydrated (particularly if you’re sitting in front of the fireplace). Hot tip: room temperature water or warmer, and put a sprinkle of salt into your water to help it absorb.

~ Acupuncture and herbal medicine, of course!

Find out more about living with the seasons at our upcoming Yin & Pins Winter event, Saturday 2 July

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