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Awaken + Flow Yoga

Thursday 9.15 - 10.30am with Michelle Allen

Join us every Thursday morning for a very intimate gathering of like hearted souls in practice, prayer, breath and embodiment.

Movement for the joy of existing. Movement to let go. Moving to go with it, trough it, to go somewhere new. Your breath picks up it things and carries on in a new direction, upwards, with lightness. Creating spaces in the body. Space for a new change, new people, new life events, new sounds, new scents. Constantly moving, flowing and then settling. Forever changing our orientation, seeking new light and winds to redirect our course.

Michelle’s yoga classes are an invitation to tap into your body’s rhythm and the wisdom that it holds. 

Opening up and not stepping back.
Feeling and truely seeing. 
All of it - all right now.

More about Michelle Allen

Michelle's offerings are steeped in the Vinyasa roots and infused with luminous life learnings between Earth and Sky. Gentle flow embodiment practices woven together with light language transmissions, sound healing, sacred plant elixirs and meditation. Her intention is that you leave your practice feeling grounded, connected, empowered and immersed into your softest way of Being. That you return to and remember the expansive capacity of your own Hearts wisdom, receiving the nectar of your own knowing, the fruits of our inner listening. 

Michelle: “My Yoga journey began in 2004 as a devoted student of Yoga. Eight years later in 2012, with a curiosity in deepening my practice I began my journey into Teacher Training. This led to studying with Duncan Peak, Tiffany Cruikshank, Shiva Rea and Elena Brower. A qualified Shamanic Cacao Ceremonialist, Reiki - Masters level, Earth Warrior, Mama and Light Language channel. It is my deepest privilege to be in your practice, your presence, your Light."


Together, may we breathe our way Home. Aho 


Awaken + Flow Details

When: Thursday's 9.15 - 10.30am

Join the whole June+July block
9 wk series 6 June - 1 August $195
email to register. 

Or join casually and book online via momoyoga
$25 casual class
$110 5-class pass

Yoga mats and props are provided for and sustainable made.

Location: Yoga Roots studio, 108 Deep Creek Road, Torbay

Questions: I welcome any questions you might have via

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