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Ground + Glow
A Mother's Day Wellness Celebration

Sunday 12 May 1.00 - 5.45pm

Ground + Glow, an ode to Mother's Day, a radiant event is set to unfold on Sunday, May 12th, from 1:00 pm to 5:30 pm. Nestled in the heart of Torbay, this promises to be a rejuvenating experience.

This captivating event unfolds across three distinct sessions, each a tapestry of wellness and connection. Delve into Strength + Sauna + Ice Bath, led by the indomitable Michaela & Gina from Embody Strength, a fusion of resilience and mobility. Or perhaps immerse yourself in the tranquil embrace of Yoga + Sauna, guided by the nurturing expertise of Marjolein. And for those seeking a deeper spiritual journey, the Cacao Ceremony + Sauna, guided by the mystical Michelle from Gypsy Yogi, promises an ethereal experience.

As the day unfolds, attendees are not only treated to an enriching experience but also stand a chance to win locally sourced treasures, with each ticket granting entry into a draw. And as a token of appreciation, each sauna ticket receives a delightful goodie bag, a tangible reminder of the care and thoughtfulness woven into every aspect of Ground + Glow.

Join us! Let's ground ourselves in gratitude and glow with the radiance of shared joy.

In the spirit of inclusivity, Ground + Glow beckons ALL women who nurture the myriad of beauty in life: homes, hearts, gardens, children, pets, and creativity. Every soul that graces this event is celebrated, their presence a testament to the tapestry of womanhood.

Ground + Glow Sessions


Strength + Sauna + Ice Bath

1.00 - 2.45pm
Feel good, strong and empowered with the Strength session by EMBODY Strength, followed by a recovery session in the sauna and ice bath. 


Yoga + Sauna

2.15 - 3.45pm
Ground, soften and relax with Marjolein. Bring awareness to your body, breath, mind and heart. Followed by stillness in the sauna.


Cacao Ceremony + Sauna

4.00 - 5.45pm
Bring out your glow with Michelle. This ceremony will be infused with sound, light language and heart prayers. Continue heart sharing in the sauna.

Sauna Collective Woodfired Sauna

Experience the ultimate relaxation, rejuvenation and restoration with Sauna Collective's trailer. Cameron Mackinnon, the visionary mind behind Sauna Collective, brings forth an oasis of wellness. Sauna Collective, renowned for its mobile sanctuary, introduces Torbay to its renowned wood-fired saunas, accommodating up to 15 souls seeking solace after each of the Wellness sessions. 

Strength + Sauna + Ice Bath

The Strength class will be led by Gina & Michaela from the EMBODY Strength studio, they offer classes specifically catered to women. Their strength programs consider the female physiology and supports woman through hormonal stages to develop your health, fitness and confidence in the best way possible. 

Specially for this event they have crafted a strength class for all levels. An invitation to explore a strength class within your own abilities.  

The strength session is 60 min, followed by 40 min of Sauna and Ice Bath. The ultimate wellness combo of the hot wood fired sauna and the contrast of the ice cold bath. 

Strength + Sauna + Ice Bath $59 
Strength session $20 

Yoga + Sauna 

The Yoga class will be led by Marjolein Yoga Roots. This class is open for all levels, including beginners. 

We'll practice yoga postures, infused with gentle flowing movements, followed by relaxing breath practices and a long Savasana - deep relaxation.

The yoga session is 40 min, followed by 40 min of relaxing in the Sauna. Do 3 shorter rounds or 2 longer rounds of sauna and cold plunge.

Yoga + Sauna $45
Yoga class $20 

Cacao Ceremony + Sauna 

Join Michelle Allen for this Cacao Embodiment Ceremony. Michelle will weave a beautiful circle together following the golden threads of her heart's lineage through Cacao, Light Language and Sound Journeying.

This embodied ceremony is a deep journey into the heart work of Mama Cacao. Michelle will infuse with the space with her channeled transmissions, sacred smoke, plant essences and facilitate deep rest to soothe the nervous system and activate your Soul song. 

The ceremony is from 4.00-5.00pm, followed by 40 min in the sauna to continue heart sharing and integration space.

Cacao Ceremony + Sauna $59
Cacao Ceremony $29

More Ground + Glow Info

What to bring: yoga mat, togs, water bottle, 2 towels (one for the sauna, one to dry afterwards). If you are coming to the cacao ceremony, please also bring a cushion or blanket to sit on and your special mug for the cacao.

How does the ticketing work: you purchase a ticket for the session that you'd like to attend. For each session there are max 15 tickets, as this is the max capacity of the sauna. However for the strength, yoga and cacao sessions there are extra tickets available if you'd like to add this onto your day. For example: if you'd like to do the Yoga and Cacao, you could purchase the Yoga+Sauna ticket $45, plus add the Cacao session only to that for an additional $29.  

If you have any questions about this please don't hesitate to email me at 

Past Events


Yin & Pins - Spring

Sunday 8 October 11.30am
A blend of yin yoga & acupuncture, two eastern modalities to bring harmony. In collaboration with Acupuncturist Dean Wickenden.


Cacao Embodiment Ceremony

Sunday 29 October 1.30pm
Journey to the Heart with Michelle Allen. An afternoon with Cacao, Embodied Flow Yoga, Light Language and Sound Journeying


Golden Month - Mini Retreat

Saturday 9 December 10.30am
A mini retreat for pregnant mama's and mama's with bubs in the fourth trimester, on how to prepare for your postpartum journey.

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