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The Golden Month
Postpartum Mini Retreat

How to prepare for the fourth trimester

Saturday 9 December 10.30am-12.30pm

Join us for an morning of Postpartum Planning
This mini-retreat is all about YOU and your motherhood journey into the fourth trimester, your golden month, and will give you the tools in how to best prepare for the new born phase.

We will include the pillars of postpartum, gentle yoga & relaxation practices, herbal support, tea, snacks, tips on postpartum planning and there will be a little goodie bag with 100% natural postpartum products to take home.

The Golden Month - the fourth trimester
These are referred to as the first 6 weeks initial weeks of motherhood post birth. It is a time to recuperate and to restore physical & emotional wellbeing, which are two very important factors to promote a smoother journey into parenthood.
This includes extra rest, focus on nourishment and hydration, support and community just to name a few.

Having a general postpartum recovery plan is helpful to ensure that your environment is set up to support you as you navigate the rapid changes and energy demands of life with a newborn.

The emphasis can then be placed on the sacred bonding and growth as a family, and promote a more peaceful and positive birth recovery.

This Mini Retreat is for pregnant mama's, and we also welcome mama's with bubs in arms in the early stages of motherhood. 

Here are some of the topics we will touch on

- Optimising Rest

- Nourishment
- How to create your village
- Herbal support for Birth & the Fourth Trimester
- Pelvic Floor Health

Being pro-active in your postpartum planning can take off a lot of stress of the fourth trimester, and more space to enjoy baby while you feel nourished as well. 


Event Details

When: Saturday 9 December

Time: 10.30am - 12.30pm

The spaces are limited to an intimate circle of 9 mama's.

Investment: $59 (only 1 tickets left)!

Register & Book: with Momoyoga

Location: 108 Deep Creek Road, Torbay, North Shore.

Info or questions: email


Your Facilitators


Samantha Heazlewood

Sam is a Naturopath & Herbalist, and earth mama of two gorgeous girls. She works with mothers on a daily basis through all the different stages of motherhood;
from fertility, pregnancy, postpartum and beyond. 

Sam believes health is all about balance and uses a range of tools including, herbs, nutrition, and lifestyle balance to help her clients increase wellness and vitality. 


Sam wants to empower mama's to incorporate herbal medicine and the healing properties of nature into their daily lives with ease and joy. 

Sam's hand blended teas and mama care products are for sale in the Yoga Roots studio.

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Marjolein van Leeuwen

Marjolein is a Pre- and Postnatal Yoga Teacher, and the founder of the Yoga Roots studio. 

She is originally from the Netherlands, now based with her family in Aotearoa. Marjolein is expecting her 2nd baby in January 2024.

Marjolein began her yoga journey in The Netherlands with a classical hatha training and continued following trainings and teaching classes around the world. She  has specialised in Pre-and Postnatal Yoga and draws her knowledge from her woman's health studies, her own motherhood experiences and facilitating mama-specialised classes for the past five years. 

You can find Marjolein's weekly Pre- and Postnatal
yoga classes here.

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