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Yoga Torbay Timetable


Yoga Roots Timetable
Most classes are offered in course blocks, but will have
space for drop-in bookings as well.

Yoga Courses
Pricing for an entire course blocks depends on the length of the course block. 
Under Yoga Classes in the menu you can find more information about the
different classes and course dates + other details.

If you are new to the Yoga Roots space, then you make make use of

the Intro Offer: 2 classes for $25 Outdoor Yoga Pass
A one-time only offer for those who are new to Yoga Roots,
valid from your first visit for 8 days (two Thu Outdoor classes in a row).

Casual Drop-in Classes
casual class $2
5-class pass $110 (valid for 3 months)
10-class pass $200 (valid for 6 months)

Private Yoga Class
Tailored to you $90 (60 min)
email to book

Book your group classes online with Momoyoga

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