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The set of 4 standard comes with one koshi chime of each element:
1x Terra (earth)
1x Aqua (water)
1x Aria (air)
1x Ignis (fire)

If you prefer to receive the set of 4 in a customised way (eg. 2x Terra and 2x Aqua), then please place your order first and email to let her know your personal  preference, 
or text message 0211831828.

The original Koshi Chimes are a favourite sound healing instrument. They leave everyone relaxed and in wonder during Yoga Savasana, Sound Healing Baths, Reiki sessions and Massages.

These majestic chimes are handmade in France at the foot of the Pyrenean mountains.
Each chime has its own magic timbre and can be played harmoniously with all the others.

Move the chime gently holding it by its cord: the crystalline relaxing sound may leave you in quiet wonder. Suspended, it will play with the wind and carry you away in an unexpected melody. Appreciated by musicians, they are often used in musical compositions. Many sound therapists, yoga teachers and healing facilitators around the world use them.

Koshi Chimes - Set of 4

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