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S P A C E, in between the layers

There’s an art to finding s p a c e . I am learning and living this these days. And I’m wholeheartedly all in. I’m learning to make it beautiful, intentional, meaningful. Find new ways of separating what is usually bound, usually always together.. and then find yourself in between those layers. Space before your eyelashes lift when you wake, pause and feel into that blank space — into those few moments where you can’t remember what hurt yesterday. Space in relationships, where there’s pockets of quietness in your conversations. Space in your day for your mind without distraction and disruption from your phone. Space before you consume (food, news, purchases). Space for yourself, at the end of your day; when the stars are sewn like jewels intro the fabric above us all, and your head is nestling into its comfortable shape upon your pillow, find some s p a c e there.. between the layers of sheets, memories from the day and last thought.. find that space right there & lean into its entirety, its emptiness, its embrace. And stay a while there.

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